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Cadron Ridge's Quick Draw at Yuma

Yuma is absolutely beautiful! She is a female that we held back from Rey and Doc. Like her parents, training Yuma was a breeze. She's easy to get along with and catches on quickly. If you want her to retrieve and work, she's ready. However, if Grandma's coming over and you need a loyal, calm dog to attend to her, she's there, too. True story. At 90 years young, my Grandma Margaret always asks for Yuma when she visits. 

OFA Prelim Hips: GOOD


PennHIP: Right DI: 0.29 Left DI: 0.28 (OFA Good/Excellent)

Pawprint Genetic Panel: Clear by Parentage 

IMG_6015 (1).jpg

Rey x Doc ( Yuma's Dam and Sire)

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