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Contract/Health Guarantee

                                     Cadron Ridge Labradors

Cadron Ridge Labradors

 Purchase Agreement and Guarantee Information


This agreement is being made between Cadron Ridge Labradors and ____________________. In consideration of the purchase price of ______ the seller transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the male/female Labrador Retriever out of ________ directly to the above name. Transfer takes place the day the puppy leaves Cadron Ridge Labradors.  X___ INITIAL

Health Guarantee

Cadron Ridge Labradors guarantees to the Original Purchaser the dog specified in the sales agreement to be free from all genetic or non-genetic severe, life threatening diseases for 3 days from the purchase date. The purchaser may have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice within 3 days of possession. After the 3 days, the purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability for any genetic or non-genetic medical condition except as noted below. Puppies determined to be defective or sick, should be returned to the kennel as soon as possible for a full refund of purchase price. The Purchaser will be responsible for the transportation cost of shipping the dog back to the kennel. Cadron Ridge Labradors does not guarantee the ability or suitability of a dog to reproduce or to be used for breeding. Cadron Ridge Labradors is not responsible for a recessed vulva, undescended testicle or entropion as they are not life threatening to the puppy. Puppies are not guaranteed for accidental injury, death abuse, or theft. X____ INITIAL

Veterinarian Examination

1. Breeder warrants that the puppy is healthy at the time of sale to the best of Breeder's knowledge. Buyer has three (3) working days from the date of pickup from the Breeder's home, or delivery by car to have said puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian to affirm that the puppy is in good health. Should the puppy be determined to be in ill health, genetic and life threatening, the dog may, upon a signed written diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian, be returned for refund of the purchase price.

2. If the Buyer does not take the puppy to a veterinarian within the three (3) working days, the Buyer cannot return the puppy due to any illness and the contract is void.

3. Buyer will not take the puppy to any public place or let the puppy interact with any other dogs (unless that dog lives in the same household) until the vet check is performed.

Hip Dysplasia

Cadron Ridge Labradors guarantees to the Original Purchaser that the dog specified above to be free of all debilitating genetic diseases of the hips and elbows until 12 months of age, as long as the dog is kept on NuVet vitamins.  Debilitating hip dysplasia, for our purposes, shall be defined as moderate to severe hip dysplasia defined by OFA.  In the event of emergence of any debilitating genetic diseases of the hips or elbows diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, purchaser shall immediately notify seller of such condition and diagnosis. Seller shall replace dog specified above subject to the following, as long as the dog is on NuVet Vitamins. Buyer MUST use Cadron Ridge Labrador’s code, 55527, at checkout, so that we can verify the puppy mentioned above was on NuVet vitamins for the entire duration. Because of the importance of proper nutrition, the dog must be fed a high-quality puppy food or this contract becomes void. If your puppy is deemed overweight at any time, this hip/elbow contract becomes void. If the puppy injures himself or is neglected, which causes harm to his/her hips or elbows, this contract becomes void. If the puppy/dog has been overworked or over exercised, which puts stress on the hips and elbows, this contract is void. Excess weight, exercise, jumping/running puts stress on the dog’s joints, which could negatively affect hips/elbows/ligaments.

1. Seller, at their option, may require the Purchaser to forward all medical records; OFA x-rays and other information relied upon for the diagnosis to the Seller for a secondary opinion from a licensed veterinarian. Seller also has the option, at their expense, to require the dog examined by a second licensed veterinarian. Expenses from the initial diagnosis and shipping of all medical records to the seller, is the responsibility of the purchaser.

2. In the event that both veterinarians arrive at the same diagnosis, the dog must be returned, and seller will replace the dog with a dog of equal or comparable breeding. No refunds will be given. If buyer chooses to keep the dog mentioned in this contract, Cadron Ridge Labradors is released from any obligation and the remaining contract is void.

3. In the event that there are different diagnoses, Purchaser may request a third examination by a licensed veterinarian agreeable to the Seller. All expenses associated with the third examination are the responsibility of the Purchaser. The diagnosis from the third veterinarian will be binding.

4.  All transportation charges for the replacement dog are the responsibility of the Purchaser. This means returning the dysplastic puppy at the buyer’s expense and accepting the new puppy at the buyers expense, for transportation. I.E. Flight/gas expense to return puppy. Flight/gas expense to receive new puppy.

5. The dog must be registered by the Original Purchaser at the time of diagnosis.

6. All dogs must be registered with the AKC. All AKC registered names must start with Cadron Ridge Labradors.

7. If full registration is obtained on your puppy, the purchaser agrees to not breed the dog until he or she has reached a minimum of 2 years of age. Failure to wait until the dog has reached 2 years old will result in your guarantee being void.

8. The dog/puppy mentioned above must be current on all recommended and performed vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. A copy of this will be required for a replacement puppy. If vaccinations are not current or lapsed, this contract becomes void.

9. If the puppy/dog is ever sold or given away, the new owner’s contact information is to be provided to Amber Kelley on or before the day that ownership transfers. Cadron Ridge Labradors is to be given FIRST option of buying any puppies/dogs back that were purchased from Cadron Ridge Labradors, for the original purchase price before they are offered up for sale or given away.  Any unaltered dogs are prohibited from being sold to a new owner on full registration. All full registration dogs that have already been offered back to Cadron Ridge Labradors and REFUSED must be spayed or neutered before being rehomed. Failure to provide documentation that the dog has been spayed/neutered before being rehomed will result in a $5000 fine for violating the contract.

10. All kennels are to give Cadron Ridge Labradors their kennel name prior to purchasing a puppy from Cadron Ridge Labradors. No information about your kennel shall be held from Cadron Ridge Labradors in order to be eligible to purchase a puppy. 

11. All puppies are sold on Limited AKC registration unless otherwise discussed. If the puppy mentioned within this contract is sold on Limited AKC registration and bred anyway, whether accidental or purposeful, a fine of $1,000 per puppy shall be incurred by the Buyer, payable immediately to Amber Kelley. The Buyer has 30 days from the birth of unlawful offspring to pay for liquidated damages, or return the dog purchased from Seller and all said offspring. Puppy is intended to be a pet or companion only, not a breeding dog.

12. All transportation charges for getting the dog back to Cadron Ridge Labradors is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

13. The dog must be registered to the Original Purchaser at the time of diagnosis.

14. If the Original Purchaser fails to properly maintain, vaccinate, and care for the dog as required by a licensed veterinarian, this contract is void. All immunizations must be kept up to date.

15. Slander in any form against Cadron Ridge Labradors or Amber Kelley will be prohibited and will be a direct violation of this contract. Any purchaser found to slander Cadron Ridge Labradors or Amber Kelley will be required to pay Cadron Ridge Labradors a $2000 fee per incident. Slander will be considered any written or spoken words that will cause a loss of business to Cadron Ridge Labradors. While we have never had any issues, we would certainly want the issue to be resolved respectfully and with class should one arise. Cadron Ridge Labradors would reserve the right to use a Good Dog mediator to help resolve the problem at hand.    X___INITIAL


By signing, the purchaser agrees that he/she has read and agreed to terms of the sales agreement/ Health Guarantee



X_____________________________                                _________

 Cadron Ridge Labradors/Amber Kelley                             Date


X________________________________________       ________

Original Purchaser     PRINT                                                  Date

X________________________________________       ________

Original Purchaser   SIGNATURE                                            Date


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