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How to reserve a puppy

puppy purchase policy


Because our pups are in great demand, most have deposits on them and are sold before they are born or soon after. It is wise to reserve early after reviewing all of our kennel information and information on each particular litter.  You may choose a litter, color and gender of the pup. We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to be added to our waiting list. Please place your deposit on the deposit tab area of our site.  After receiving your deposit we may require that you fill out an application online so we can learn more about the buyer.  We reserve the right to refund your deposit if we feel it might not be a good fit.  Once your reservation is placed, it is your responsibility to keep up with our website and Facebook page for updated information. Puppy portraits and updates will always be posted on our social media sites here, here and here. We schedule families to pick out their puppy at 7 weeks old in the order in which their deposit was received. Litter prices will vary from $2500-3500.00.

To get on our waiting list, please click HERE

*NOTE: We do NOT allow puppy buyers to visit the litter prior to the pick-up time, due to health concerns of the litter. This is why we are sure to keep you updated with picture updates of your new family member. 


The American Kennel Club has two ways of registering AKC puppies.  One way is with full registration and the other is with limited registration.  The difference is so responsible Breeders can protect their genetic line and control which of their puppies are able to be bred.  Either way, the puppies will have official AKC registration papers.  Limited registration is for people and dogs that are going to be family pets, hunting companions and hunt test or other AKC sanctioned events.   Limited registration is not for breeders planning to breed the dog.  Limited registration dogs are still valuable members of the AKC.   

AKC Limited Registration -  Dog can participate in licensed breed events such as Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earth Dog, but is ineligible to participate in an AKC licensed conformation dog shows such as the Westminster Dog Show.  No puppies produced by a dog with Limited Registration shall be eligible for AKC registration. Our puppies are sold with limited registration. 

AKC Full Registration - Full registration is for breeding stock dogs and dogs being shown in conformation dog shows.

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